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I'm a composer and I've been working in the audio industry for about ten years. My first instrument was the guitar around the age of 17. When I started playing drums, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing it. My first job was as a sound engineer in a studio, recording and mixing bands. I also played drums in a lot of bands.

Now I’m focused on composing soundtracks and doing sound effects. For the past six years, I’ve worked a lot with games, which I love. I’m also open to working in different kinds of media, including animation and film.

I have a sound engineering degree from Estácio de Sá, and a degree in Music for TV and Cinema from the Brazilian Conservatory of Music.



Original soundtrack

I'm used to composing music in different styles, from electronic to orchestral pieces. I love any kind of music. That's one of the reasons I choose to work as a soundtrack composer. Each style of art deserves an original piece of music that’s a perfect match. The possibilities are endless. Scroll down to listen to some tracks I've done!

Sound design

I love to experiment with different timbres and synthesizers, and I’ve found that sound design for games is a perfect way to do that. Using your imagination is the best way to turn a simple sound into something complex that tells the story as much as the image. It all depends on what sensations you wish to provoke and what alternate reality you want your audience to enter.


These compositions combine electronic and acoustics elements. Maybe your game needs an acoustic/band feeling? I´ll love to do that.

These compositions are basically electronic music with a lot of synths! Some of them have a chiptune and retro feeling.


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